Wes Anderson’s Most Iconic Characters

Bill Murray

Wes Anderson, one of the most special and memorable directors in the film industry, always invents highly eccentric characters (as you can see below) to convey certain moods of his ideas.

Therefore he uses as much colour, style and flair as possible. Especially the costumes, which often  operates the cliche of the perfect hipster look are most striking about his genius films. His Sensation for choosing the best possible surrounding for a scene, the most suitable outfit or the strangest traits of a character make him to one of the best in this profession. On the occasion of his next film, the Isle of the Dog, recently confirmed to be arriving in the not-too distant future, we made a small selection of Wes Anderson’s eight most striking Hipster outfits with their key pieces. Check it out.

Klaus Daimler (Willem Dafoe), The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou
Key piece: Orange Beanie

Peter Whitman (Adrian Brody), The Darjeeling Limited
Key piece: custom Louis Vuitton suitcase

M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes), The Grand Budapest Hotel
Key piece: Purplevelvet dinner jacket

Mr. Fox (George Clooney), The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Key piece: Double-breasted corduroy blazer

Alistair Hennessey (Jeff Goldblum), The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Key piece: ‘Millennial Pink’ scarf

Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson), The Royal Tenenbaums
Key piece: Fila sportswear

The Narrator (Bob Balaban), Moonrise Kingdom                                                      
Key piece: 
Red parka

Raleigh St. Clair (Bill Murray), The Royal Tenenbaums
Key piece: dat roll neck

Report by vintagestyle.eu
Photos taken from the movies