Top 5: Best Japanese Denim

Part of the American Dream is definitely a Bavarian immigrant – rags to riches- immigrant, who designed pants as strong and durable as they could resist the rigors of mining in California’s Gold Rush.

The blue jeans is definitely one thing that comes up to your mind when you think of America. But how did the iconic blue jeans make their way over to Japan? After World War II, anything American made or anything that represents their culture was highly sought after such as blue jeans. Here comes a list of the top 5 Japanese Denim.

 Studio D’Artisan

This Osaka-based brand is a highly sought after one since the west rediscovered selvedge denim in the late nineties. Studio D’Artisan was founded in the late 70’s and even today a Jeans is hard to get. Learn more / Buy

Stevenson Overall Co

Stevenson Overall Co was originally founded in Portland, America in the 1920’s and 30’s. In 2005, the company was bought up and re-launched as a Japanese workwear brand in Japan. Learn more / Buy


Momotaro Jeans, which was founded in 2006 set themselves apart by using a unique natural process of dying, that utilizes the inigofera tictoraia plant. It offers a very durable outcome, but also set the color a bit darker. Learn more / Buy

 Mister Freedom

Mister Freedom is more an American brand than a Japanese one, because founder Christophe Loiron, a French expatriate living in LA, decided to fabricate classic American clothing in Japan. Therefore he turned to Japanese mills to source his fabric. Clearly Japan offers a better expertise than America. Learn more / Buy here

 Iron Heart

Iron Heart source their collections and fabrics by some of the best Japanese mills. As a result they offer a wide range of products varying from sanfordized to raw denim. Learn more / Buy

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