Thomas Jakobson’s Summer Collection ’18

Bern-based designer Thomas Gfeller is the mind behind the fashion label Thomas Jakobson. He holds a degree in product and industrial design from the Zurich University of the Arts.

He always wears coloured socks – and naturally, he matches with them with his shirt, sweater or scarf. Socks that go unnoticed and that are worn without connection to the rest of the outfit were, in fact, the thing that inspired him to start his own label. Since 2014 Thomas Jakobson has been designing and producing his Twinsets, poetic duos of socks and bow tie.

It’s the combination of matching socks and bow tie that catches the eye, causes surprise and often – a smile. Not infrequently it happens that the beholder of a Thomas Jakobson item walks on with a song on their lips and a spring in their step.  Sourire-chanter-vivre.

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