The Dukes of Downtown

Since 2009, on every second Saturday in September – extraordinary, fancy and unique cars are invited to take part in Helge and Phil’s autocade: The Dukes of Downtown. The participants meet in front of Phil’s cafe Zweibar located in Rüttenscheid, Essen.

Phil Hinze, owner of cafe Zweibar in Rüttenscheid and Helge Jepsen, well-known illustration artist, launched their first Dukes of Downtown autocade roughly 10 years ago. Inspired by a casual conversation over a good cuppa coffee in cafe Zweibar; the two friends experienced a lightbulb moment. Both enthusiastic car lovers – could not help but observe the wide selection of beautiful old-timers and classic cars driving by Rüttenscheider Stern on a frequent basis. Then it hit them: why not organize an autocade where enthusiastic car collectors could parade their exemplary models through the streets of Rüttenscheid.

Eagerly Helge and Phil got to work. They picked out a date, had flyers printed and strategically distributed them on the windshields of fancy, exemplary, old-timer classics and out of the ordinary automobiles.

Helge and Phil patiently awaited their guests – with the Rüttenscheider street closed down, enough beer to quench the thirst of an army and a BBQ in full swing. In their first year an astonishing number of 30-40 car owners rocked up. Nowadays, the numbers have rapidly increased to roughly 150 cars.

Helge and Phil are pretty selective on which cars are allowed to join. Only cars that are not repeatedly seen on the streets or go back way in time, are allowed to participate.

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This year the annual event takes place on the 1st of September 2018!

For those who wonder whether their car could make the cut – don’t hesitate to drive by and ask after Helge’s and Phil’s expertise.

Photos by The Dukes of Downtown

Report by Leandri Meyer for VINTAGESTYLE