The Como Audio: SpeakEasy

Meet SpeakEasy™ by Como Audio, with the Google Assistant built-in.  Designed for those who want to enjoy the highest quality sound of music, the ability to control compatible devices throughout the home, and manage every day tasks – all with the power of your voice with hands-free help from your Assistant.

SpeakEasy | Sets Itself Apart

SpeakEasy™ stands out from the competition in several important ways:

  • Sound Quality | Designed to Play Music
  • Furniture Grade Wood Cabinetry
  • Multi-room Control | Google Chromecast
  • SpeakEasy™ Portability with Optional Battery Pack
  • Visual Display | Clock and Alarm | Self Adjusting Brightness
  • Manual Control Knobs

SpeakEasy™ with the Google Assistant built in allows you to speak voice commands to play music “OK Google….play my favorite country song,” get information “What’s the weather today?,” or control your home environment “Turn up the thermostat 5 degrees,” or “Dim the lights.” Set up is done through the free Google Home app for iOS and Android with compatible devices.

Founding CEO Tom DeVesto started Como Audio with the single goal of creating beautiful music systems that allow simple and easy access to the myriad of music content available to today’s music enthusiast. SpeakEasy™ takes this simplicity to the next level with the Google Assistant built-in.

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