The Canfield On-Ear Headphones by Shinola

Featuring stainless steel components, interchangeable lambskin ear pads and a top grain leather headband, the Canfield On-Ear Headphones are the best way to experience your music wherever you might be.

Each and every pair is tested and tuned in our Detroit factory to safeguard a Sound Signature that is rich, warm and expansive. Utilizing a custom 40mm dynamic transducer and memory foam ear pads encased with lambskin, the Canfield design is an approach to personal listening that’s anything but disposable. Similar to our watches, Top Grain leather and stainless steel components ensure that our headphones will last long after others breakdown. To top things off, with two shades of leather wrapped around a cushioned headband, each pair of On-Ear Headphones will become more comfortable with every use.








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