Texas Brand Coffee

A coffee so worthy of the name of TEXAS, we named it simply “Texas Brand Coffee.”

Made in small batches, this premium, organic* ground coffee begins its life on small farms in Chiapas, Mexico. There, indigenous family farms proudly harvest the beans under fair trade standards. The beans then travel to our friends at Big Bend Coffee Roasters in Marfa, Texas, who roast, grind, and bottle this coffee exclusively for No. 4 St. James. The result is an extraordinary full-city roasted coffee, aromatic and sweet, with a healthy caffeine kick.

The coffee is the real star of this show, of course, but we can’t help but brag a little on our gorgeous packaging. Real pewter labels adorn the French-made aluminum bottles (recyclable, with food grade interior lining), and ensure you’ll want to keep the bottle even after it’s empty. An LDPE plug keeps the coffee fresh beyond opening.

Each bottle has a net weight of 1/2 pound of coffee, enough to make about sixteen (16) 8-oz. cups. Texas Brand Coffee is made in limited quantities. If it’s in stock, order it before it’s gone!

From Mexico, to Marfa, to your morning. Texas Brand Coffee ships to you, with love, from our Texas Showroom in Austin, Texas.

*Coffees by Big Bend Coffee Roasters are certified organic by Natural Food Certifiers, Spring Valley, NY
Report by fourstjames.com