Under The Skin – New Exhibitions At The Ferrari Museum

During our stay at Ferrari-heaven also known as Maranello, a visit at the Ferrari museum was mandatory for us. Luckily, we were right in time for two new special exhibitions.

The museum appears spacious and open, especially since it has been extended by more than 600 square metres to a total of 4,100 square metres in order to handle the rush of visitors. In 2016, 344.000 visitors enjoyed the exposed unique pieces of engineering. A highly recommendable experience for your to-do-list.

One of the two brandnew exhibitions is named “Under the Skin”, which can be interpreted in two ways: “Under the Skin” represents Ferrari’s creative and engineering development of cars beginning with the 125 S, the marque’s first car. Therefore, Ferrari opened their archive to dig out historical technical drawings of the Prancing Horse and engines of all eras. Secondly, as a true Ferrari fan you might get really emotional and light goosebumps might appear under your skin. The exhibition will move to the London Design Museum from November on, so better hurry up.

The other exhibition “Infinite Red” is also part of the museum’s heart. It celebrates the 70-year history of the Prancing Horse with some of the most exclusive and rare creations, designed by the Maranello-based company. Visitors can marvel at Formula One cars, such as the 500 F2 led to the first world driver’s title won by Alberto Ascari in 1952, the F2004, which won the most GP’s in history driven by Michael Schuhmacher and finally the F2008, which won the world constructor’s Championship.

Beside the mentioned legendary track cars, Ferrari also exhibits striking street such as the 250 GT Berlinetta “Tdf”, which also dominated races from 1955 on, its successor the 250 GT Berlinetta “SWB” and the rare collector’s favorite, the 250 GTO. Of course some models of the present also deserve to be presented such as the F50, the Enzo and the latest, the LaFerrari, which can be gazed at in the non-homologated FXX K version.

We were fascinated, amazed and thankful for the look behind the scenes and the experiences we made with old and new cars made by Ferrari. The idea to get the chance of retracing the brands whole development in one exhibition is just brilliant. That is why can truly recommend you to visit the Maranello Ferrari Museum.

Report by collectorscarworld
Photos by SSSZ-Photo