Why Scotland Is The Perfect Road Trip Destination

A country at the end of the world, a land packed with stories and secrets: From a traveller’s perspective, Scotland is a combination of unfulfillable dreams and an almost painful place of longing.

This exposed location in the heart of all wanderlust junkies is by and large due to Scotland’s perceived and real distance to every other place in the world. Almost everywhere on our planet you find yourself between two points, between home and the unknown, between near and far – Scotland, however, lies on the road to nowhere. North Atlantic, end. Scotland isn’t even a stopover en route to Iceland or North America, the country is a cul-de-sac. After that there’s simply nothing, hence Scotland alone has to be the destination. Grey, barren, windswept and inhabited by people who are regarded as tight-fisted, belligerent and headstrong. The food is supposed to be dreadful, the lochs abysmal, the monsters huge, the weather miserable. So why Scotland…?

Video Source by Vimeo