Ressence Type 1² Squared

Watch: Ressence Type 1² Squared

Sharing the typical Ressence looks with its siblings, the company’s latest watch, the Ressence Type 1² Squared breaks time down across several orbiting dials, the largest straddling the face’s perimeter showing minutes, the next in size displaying hours, and the two smaller disks representing seconds and the day of the week.

It differs from other Ressence timepieces in its dressier complex square shape, born of the intersection of six spheres, as well as in thinness made possible thanks to both the absence of a look-through sapphire caseback (though it’s got a domed sapphire lens on the front) and the addition of a new retractable lever used to set the time. The watch sports the user-friendly interchangeable bracelet system from the TYPE 3. Available in four colors: silver, night blue, champagne, and ruthenium.

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Report by vintagestyle
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