Reborn Legend: Limited Edition Scarab

Scarab – The Legend Returns! collectorscarworld is delighted to distribute the Limited Editon FIA Scarab exclusively for Europe & UK. This American icon is one of the most fascinating racing cars ever.

Reventlow History

Lance Reventlow and his close friend Bruce Kessler were from wealthy families and took up the relatively new sport in the United States of sports car racing. They visited the various European manufacturers and returned home after deciding they could build a better car.

Reventlow funded the new car company, Reventlow Automotive Incorporated, in August 1957 with the purpose to build an all-American racer and compete and win in Europe against the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Jaguar. Reventlow recruited some of the best developers, designers and fabricators in the business, such as Warren Olson, Ken Miles, Phil Remington, Chuck Daigh, Traco Engineering and Troutman-Barnes to build the cars.

The body was designed by Chuck Pelly and fabricated by Emil Deidt of California Metal Shaping. The painting and design were completed by Von Dutch who also designed the Scarab Logo. 

From 1957 to 1962 Reventlow Automotive built a total of only eight cars. The first three were front engine sports cars, one mid engine, three Formula cars and one rear engine Formula car. The most successful were the three front engine sports racers. The three sports racers were build in 1958 and broke track records from their initial testing and throughout the year.

In 1959 the first car, a left hand drive, was converted to a street car for Reventlow and the second and third, right hand drive cars, were sold to race teams in the Midwest. The Meister Brauser and Nicky Chevrolet teams being the most successful of the Midwest teams.

The best source of information on Reventlow Automotive and the racing history of the Scarab is Preston Lerner’s book “SCARAB Race Log of the All-American Specials 1957-1965”.

Ownership History of Scarabs MkI, MkII, MkIII

Reventlow Automotive ceased running the three front engine sports cars in 1959 in order to focus on developing a Formula 1 car. The left hand drive MKI was kept by Reventlow and both the right hand MKII cars were sold to Midwest racing teams.

The number one car, the left hand drive, was converted by Reventlow to a street car in 1959. The car was owned by Cheryl Reventlow, Lance’s widow, until 1982 when it was sold to Don Orosco. In the 1990’s, the car then passed into the hands of Rob Walton, were it remains today.

The number two car was sold to Jim Jeffords in 1959 and raced by the Nickey Chevrolet team. It was then purchased by Harry Heuer in December 1959 for the Meister Brauser race team and raced until the end of the 1963 race season. The car was then sold to Augie Pabst in 1977 and raced by him until 2010. The car then changed hands and was sold to John Mozart in 2013.

The number three car, the only Scarab with a hood scoop, was sold to the Meister Brauser race team in 1959. It eventually found a permanent home at the Revs Institute of the Collier Car Museum in Naples, Florida. It has gone on to win several prestigious awards including a first place at Amelia Island Concourse.


Scarab Motorsports has received F.I.A. certification for its Limited Edition Series of only 20 Scarabs. These are considered a “reproduction” of the original Scarab. A reproduction is a car that is built exactly as the original car was built at the factory. These are not kit cars, continuation cars or commemorative cars. The F.I.A. requires the cars to be exact reproductions of the original Scarab.

Building time is around 12-15 months – there is only one LHD model/body available for immediate order – subsequent orders will take significantly longer.

Build Process

FIA Mk.1 Specifications

  1. Custom all aluminum body made to original specifications from the original Meister Brauser Scarab
  2. Custom 4130 Chrom-moly frame built to original specifications.
  3. ​Original designed DiDion rear suspension system.
  4. Custom built F.I.A. aluminum fuel cell
  5. Custom built brass radiator original design
  6. Custom built front and rear aluminum brake drums made from original patterns.
  7. Custom 283 Chevy small block engine with correct date code, bored to correct 339 cubic inches with Lehman cross drive unit, Hilborn injection system and custom exhaust system.
  8. Custom pedal assembly designed from original
  9. Stewart Warner gauges and custom wire harness
  10. Custom aluminum interior designed from original
  11. Chrome plated roll bar and rear bumper
  12. Paint design and team logo from original, color from original sample of Meister Bruaser paint.
  13. Original style Sebring and Champ Magnisum knock off wheels
  14. Vintage style Dunlop racing tires
  15. Original style quick change differential


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