Railxar Spikes Goldline Denim

We’re proud to introduce! The Railcar “Goldline” series to the brand. With our in-house manufacturing, we wanted to explore some other construction details and fabrics.

We have a large workshop with about 80 working vintage and modern industrial sewing machines and we wanted to incorporate more of them in the build of Railcar. Lots of these machines are slower and take more maintenance to use. The Goldline series will include more of the details that these machines create.

The Railcar Goldline 001 is made of an American nep 12.5 ounce denim and is available for preorder. It incudes some details that’s not normally on our other styles. Such as “Shell-vedge” outseams, manual single needle belt loop tacking, copper hidden back pocket rivets, shell stitch out seam and woven exterior labeling. Please take a look at the details and you’ll see.

We wanted to do a jean in this style in a Spikes slim tapered fit. In most cases, the Spikes fit doesnt require any additional tapering service and fits well in the whole size grade. And just like all Railcar jeans, this pair comes with free factory chain stitch hemming.

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We will be taking preorders for the first production that ends October 15. Once the preorder closes we will start production that should last 2 weeks and will be immediately shipped when completed. (Free shipping to domestic US and low international shipping rates.)

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