Nick Fouquet is part human part animal. French with a Huck Finn spirit. Part Native American and part psychedelic adventurer. And I will always be a gentleman.

What is the NICK FOUQUET Brand?
The Nick Fouquet Brand is an extension of my souls and my creativity. It’s an unconscious free streaming flow of my designs that come from travel, art, love, family and self. It’s a psychedelic bourgeoisie bohemian experience.

How did you start making hats?
I honestly did not know hat making was my thing. I didn’t know what my thing was. It found me. I graduated with a BA in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development. My future was looking more like forestry or a recluse in the high mountains of Colorado as a field worker. I had always identified with colors, design and natural aesthetics, which I derived from my travels and working for other designers and ultimately implemented into my work.

What materials do you use for your hats?
I use 100% Beaver fur felt which is sustainably harvested. Few hat makers use it.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Travel, gutter punks, Tom Sawyer, Keith Richards, The Sappeurs in the Congo, my Dad’s Style and love.

What kind of hat would you make your inspiration?
I would make my inspiration a distressed western style hat with leather binding, a boro hat band, and would sprinkle it with turquoise and silver trimmings and have a bullet hole in the side of the crown. His name is Ralph Lauren.

What makes you happy?
When I realize I’m in the moment of something…

What is the sexiest way to wear a hat?
With confidence.