Peter invites you into a world of dreams at Garage 13

The interior of Garage 13 is inspired by owner Peter’s, personal rustic and old vintage style, his love for art and music and his obsession with cars. Garage 13 is an experience of its own where car enthusiasts can lose themselves in a world of forgotten dreams. Not only does Garage 13 offer your car the wellness experience it deserves, but you are also invited into a world of intense relaxation, enjoying a 30-minute neck and shoulder massage, a drink at the bar or an old school cigar while waiting. At night Garage 13 transforms into a musical platform for jazz, soul, funk and house artists who perform for a small selection of Peter’s own exclusive guests.

As a young boy, Garage 13 owner, Peter Schneider, was fascinated with cars. While other teenagers where out dropping it down in the club, Peter felt comfortable dreaming about cars and driving around in his Beetle. He recalls how his imagination would run wild during class as he sketched one car after the other in his school books.

Growing up it was clear to Peter that he would follow in his father’s footsteps by enrolling into law school. It wasn’t long before his lack of interest and motivation for law sent him straight into the Automobile industry.

Inspired by his lifelong passion for cars he started working as car salesman for BMW. During his years at BMW and later years at Jaguar, he gained a great deal of experience that came in handy 17 years later when he decided it was time for a challenge of his own. The generous amount he received after selling his house in Bremen enabled him to buy, alongside a good friend, an old rustic building located in the heart of Essen. Included in the deal was his own apartment and a large garage space with endless opportunities.

His desire to be independent and the potential the large garage space held, sparked his inspiration for Garage 13. Instead of selling cars, Peter, decided to offer car enthusiasts like himself a car cleaning and detailing service paired with relaxation, art and good music – exactly the type of environment Peter feels comfortable in when taking care of and maintaining his own personal collection of cars.

With his outspoken, warm and friendly personality, his captivating passion for everything on wheels and the stunning ambience of Garage 13, you won’t regret stopping by for a visit.

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More about Peter:

Peter’s love for all things vintage is not only represented in the interior and design of his garage, but his apartment is carefully decorated to resemble a vintage artwork of its own.

Fun facts:

His all-time favorite car: A timeless black convertible Beetle

His perfect holiday: F1 Grand Prix in Monaco – Monte-Carlo with his guys

His favorite vintage item: A thick leather belt, bought many years ago at a flea market

The words his best friend would use to describe him: Unique, Doer, Assertive, Art inspired, Versatile, One-of-a-kind

His perfect day: Waking up at 7am, lifting weights and doing exercises, visiting the sauna, strolling through a market, cooking for and entertaining friends by night

Report by Leandri Meyer for VINTAGESTYLE