New Standard For High Standards: M. Gemi Shoes

M.Gemi is named after one of the company’s founding members, Maria Gangemi, a longtime devotee of Italian craftsmanship and artistry. Growing up in Sicily, Maria developed strong relationships and learned the luxury footwear trade from the best in the business.

She recalls a time in Italy, not long ago, when she would wander the cobblestone streets and routinely discover goods created with the most exacting attention to design and quality. Each week, boutiques would display new, limited-edition shoes handmade by neighboring shoemakers, just a few doors down the street. They were always fresh, always rare, and always reasonably priced.

That same sense of uniqueness and discovery inspired us to create M.Gemi. With roots in Florence, the company partnered with the top family-owned factories, whose skills have been passed on generation after generation, to produce both timeless and on-trend shoes that are uncompromised in their construction. The team at M. Gemi is proud to sell its products directly to clients at prices unseen in the traditional luxury category, while maintaining the same level of service, quality and design they’ve come to expect.

The team at vintagestyle is a big fan of M. Gemi’s shoes, especially of the Anniversary Drop.

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