New Spring/ Summer Collection by Gieves and Hawkes

This season, Gieves & Hawkes’s ready-to-wear collection is inspired by the glamour of the English summer sporting season and its unique sense of style. The easy, rugged elegance of aristocrats, royals and young sporting gentlemen forms a starting point for a collection that channels a particularly British sense of cool.

It’s hard to think of a more quintessentially British setting than a pebble beach. White sand and palm trees may imbue a sense of wanderlust, but there’s something equally and indisputably special about a British beach in summer. In spite of the unpredictable weather, there’s always a determination to make the most it with friends and family; to pack up a picnic and play an impromptu game of cricket before retiring to the local pub.

It is this uniquely British charm along with the spirit of the English sporting season that forms the foundation of Gieves & Hawkes’ spring/summer 2018 campaign. Heritage sports such as rugby, cricket and polo have a discernible sense of style that manages to be both playful and elegant; accessible yet refined. The new season collection references this unique aesthetic with a palette of fresh, confident colours alongside classic sporty shades such as polo red, racing green and buttercup yellow.

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