New In: Patagonia Workwear Collection

Patagonia, a brand, which designs fully-capable outerwear, hast just released their all-new workwear line. Their new tested material, Iron Forge Hemp Canvas, is 25 percent more abrasion resistant and is the foundation of every piece of the workwear collection.

The collection includes a Canvas Ranch Jacket, Double Knee Pants, Farriers Shirt, Canvas Barn Coat, Fog Cutter Sweater, Canvas Cargo Pants, Burly Man Vest and Hooded Jacket, and a Tin Shed Jacket among other accessories. Each piece provides a high quality and durable materials, unparalleled strength, but also comfort and mobility for the daily work. No piece of the collection crosses the $200 benchmark. You get the best possible quality for the fairest price. Check  out the gallery.

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