Movie-Defining Soundtracks

If you know the feeling, when you’re sitting in the car listening to the radio and song comes on, you really like. Of course you know, everyone knows. But sometimes it happens, that you’re listening to the soundtrack of a movie. And you’re directly into it. You see the the scenes of the movies, the actors and the atmosphere pops back up to your mind. Check out the following TOP 15 soundtracks.

1. Drive

Since this Ryan Gosling-led movie presents less dialogs, the soundtracks are even more important to convey certain moods.

2. This Is Spinal Tap

This Is Spinal Tap This movie is just epic to watch. But the music hits the same level and fits perfectly.

3. Rushmore

This Wes Anderson film features a huge range of great tracks. Cat Stevens, The Kinks and John Lennon and other Legends are presents their immens skills here.

4. Trainspotting

The range include classics from Lou Reed, Brian Eno, and others. The soundtrack somehow captures the fast-paced vibe of the Edinburgh club scene and the calm, blissful release the characters find in their drug of choice.

5. Blade Runner

Blade Runner has a quit dark and mysterious soundtrack. But it helps to underline the gloomy and atmospheric setting of Harrison Ford- led film based on the story from Philip K. Dick.

6. The Departed

Legendary soundtracks such as“Comfortably Numb” are combined with the power of the film. Of course it feels a bit eletric.

7. Pulp Fiction

“Misirlou“ has become the synonymous for this outstanding Tarantino film, but it has to offer way more tracks.

8. High Fidelity

Not surprisingly a movie so focused on music such as this one would have soundtrack like this.

9. Saturday Night Fever

Peppered with songs from the Bee Gees, it become one of the most popular and famous disco songs ever written.

10. The Social Network

This soundtrack for The Social Network was made with Atticus Ross and received many major awards. They really catch you.

11. Into the Wild

Epic music for an epic film. Great feelings and atmosphere are transported, even if you’re only in the wild of your living room.

12. Snatch

You wouldn’t think, you fit together or even fit to the film, because each one is very different. But if you know the movie, you know that they do fit together.

13. Tron: Legacy

Simple tones, but perfect. All the songs can easily stand on their own.

14. Goodfellas

Cool soundtracks, which always move from the foreground to the background as dialogues and action scenes come up.

15. Garden State

The melancholy tones fit to the movie, as Zach Braff’s character tries to find a place in society.

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