Mariposa Chair by Manufactum

Employing the most simple means, this piece of furniture offers the highest possible degree of relaxation. The leather skin arching out in all directions makes the chair seem as if it were stretched out in space; meanwhile, you can sit remarkably comfortable in it – and that is the decisive factor – without ever losing your posture. 

The butterfly. With all legs on the floor.

From our perspective, this chair, whose predecessor became famous in the 1950’s as the “Butterfly Chair” (or bat chair), is still one of the most successful chairs of its type. The original was a modest chair with a branched frame designed in the 1930’s by the Argentinian architects Bonet Castellana, Kuchan, and Hardoy-Ferrari. Our model closely resembles this original model in its form and bears the name “Mariposa” – butterfly.

Close to the origin.

The strong leather, out of which the seat’s surface is made, is vegetable dyed; this saddle leather from Argentinian cattle is processed according to traditional methods in one of the tanneries in Santa Fe specialized in the production of such leather. The strong leather is hardly “smoothed out;” it still reveals clear traces of the animal’s life. The handcrafted manufacturing – with the producer in Sweden – follows the character of the material. The leather is sewn angularly: in comparison to a piped seam this is a very elaborate type of production, which not only places emphasis on the optical, but also offers the technical advantage that the seams accompany every movement of the strong leather.

Delicate base.

The leather is mounted into a frame made of powder-coated rounded steel bars (of Swedish production), which is delivered disassembled in individual parts and can easily be put together using the enclosed aluminum die cast connector. For this reason, each delivery contains, in addition to the assembly instruction, mounting screws and a corresponding tool.
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