Loud, Proud & Full Throttle: The Glemseck 101

With the experience of eleven events and the participation of our international attendees, sponsors and clubs, a »Spirit of the 101« has evolved and has established itself firmly in the German and European motorcycle scene.

The Glemseck 101 has achieved an excellent reputation as »The European Motorcycle Festival« in all motorcycle publications (print and online) and on all social platforms a – and was mentioned on the online pages of the well-known German news magazines SPIEGEL and FOCUS.

Our definition of the Glemseck 101 after eleven successful rounds:
The Glemseck 101 is a European »motorcycle happening« taking place in Germany with tens of thousands of visitors, guests and participants who represent the full range of the motorcycle scene and who live the »Spirit of the 101« for three entire days.

In Round 12, for three days and two hot nights, we will again revive this special »Spirit of the 101« for with loud, powerful sounds and full throttle. 2017, you will again find a grand stand at our legendary 1/8 mile and for the individual 101-sprints we are realizing new ideas – with exciting and spectacular bikes from throughout Europe plus their brands and designers. The Glemseck 101 in its 12th round will once again be »THE European Bike Festival« and »the place to be« – a happening of the wildest and best bikes, personalities and brands throughout the bike scene.

As in the years before we will regularly publish news about the Glemseck 101 on our homepage and our 101 Facebook page just up to the start of the event. We know from experience that there is always something new to report until the first motorcycles will take their place at the starting line of the 1/8 mile.

Report by glemseck101.de
Photos by Sascha Feuster