Limited Edition ‘Speedy’ and ‘Skipper’

The Dukes of Downtown not only boast a yearly autocade where many car lovers and car collectors flock together to parade their pride and joy through the streets of Rüttenscheid, but a timeless collection of limited edition watches belonging to the Dukes of Downtown’s unique trademark.

Speedy and Skipper are the 3rd and 4th edition to the exclusive Duke-labeled collection of watches. These two beautiful and timeless collectors pieces have their own custom designed dial, case back, built in SEIKO Mecha-quartz factory and noble packaging.

Both watches can be worn with either a leather or nylon strap – with 4 distinct colors to select from – and are strictly limited to only 25 collectors pieces per model.

Speedy and Skipper’s individuality and exclusivity fits perfectly to the lifestyle of the Dukes.

If you would like to own one of Speedy or Skipper’s 25 timeless pieces contact: for more information. 289 EUR each.