Laco Erbstück


You might wonder for how many years this pilot watch already shows the time? Well Laco, a Pforzheim, Germany-based watch maker and the company behind it started to design pilot watches over 80 years ago. It might be 80 years though.

No wonder that this masterpiece shows some signs of a number of years. Laco often got old pilot watches sent in by customers, who are really attached to their old gems. Most of them are full of scratches and the owners can often tell stories about each of them, but that is the real charm of an old piece of history.

The designers of Laco have therefore decided to frame a model called “Erbstück” (heirloom). This vintage-looking pilot watch is brand new and has just left the production. The wear, of course, is made on purpose by a metal expert, who creates the used-look and the patina. The luminous material of the hand is present in an incomplete and imperfect way to underline the theme.

However, the strap of this wristwatch is the only true old part. It is made out of old post- and military-sourced leather bags. Each strap will have a special unique look. You have many options to choose from, if you order this stunning pilot watch. Two main design options are available in different sizes from 42mm and 45mm up to 55mm as a hand wound or automatic version.

Here’s more information about Type A and Type B.

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