Just Insane And Definitely Addictive: McLaren 570S

Spoiler alert: this car is made to hunt. And we are not talking about the “usual” Audi R8 V10s or Porsche 911 Turbos. We are talking the California Ts and Huracans. You might wonder why we are so confident? Because this car ticks so many boxes:

Ever since the MP4, basically McLaren Automotive’s first car after the F1, this iconic roofline and design are unmatched. And for us, it is much more striking than the German competition yet still not as obtrusive as most of the Italian cars. The latest model in McLaren’s Sports Series-range, the Spider-version of the familiar 570S, goes even one step further: it manages to look good both open and closed.

The Z-folding roof adds a mere 46 kilograms, but apart from that (and from the premium of 27,000 Euros which includes more standard equipment like a ceramic brake), there are virtually no downsides: if you like the shape of the Coupe, you are going to love the Spider.

We particularly enjoyed the lack of wind noise with closed roof while listening to the ferocious V8 sound from the retractable rear window. Apart from the small button to open the roof, this is the only change McLaren made to the interior. Besides, the Spider’s interior welcomes its driver with the familiar reluctant elegance and high-quality finish: the optional sports seats are quite comfy, even on longer trips, the IRIS entertainment system is easy to use once you know how to use it and you will find carbon and Alcantara everywhere. True supercar atmosphere…

Talking about high quality: the torsional stiffness is the same as with the 570S Coupe and so is its acceleration (3.2 for 0-100 kph). It should drive exactly like its coupe brother. And it does: the well-known 3.8-litre with 570hp not only sounds simply fantastic. In combination with the 7-speed gearbox and the hydraulic steering, it makes this 570S the most predictable yet exciting open-roof car we know, or maybe car at all: sharp like cutting through butter with a hot knife.

Cruising at city speeds feels like the most normal thing you could possibly imagine in this car. And once the Turbos kick in at 3,000 rpm, you just want to drive and suck in the next corner till 8,000 rpm while you are reminded that this is a rear-wheel-drive, mid-engine car, without fearing the slightest lack of control thanks to the 285 rear wheels and its electronics. Top-speed? The same 328 kph we know and love from the coupe and 315 kph with the roof down. And then there is this inimitable sound: the deep rumble at idle turning growl at mid-revs turning screaming at 6-8,000 rpm. Just insane and definitely addictive.
If you were expecting compromises owing to the lack of the roof, we have to disappoint you: there aren’t any. The McLaren 570S Spider is a daily usable, open-top cross-country stunner-convertible with the little extra: extra space (when driving with closed roof), extra attention and even more extra-enjoyment. Until McLaren drops an open-top version of the 720S, this Spider will be on top of our wishlist.

Report by Sebastian Schmitz
Photos by SSSZ Photo