Inspired By Work & Dedication: Ginew’s Heritage Coat

In designing the Ginew Heritage Coat, we recreated a meaningful garment as it was worn by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers in daily life. By exploring our Anishinaabe and Oneida heritages, we came to appreciate their rich history of work and dedication. When we wrap ourselves in this coat, we wrap ourselves in the ways of our ancestors. The premium, American-made materials of our Heritage Coat are not just wool, cotton and brass; they are oral histories, old photographs, and traditional lore. Coats such as these were more than mere garments: they were work tools, worn in the machine shops, forests, and fields by relatives who dedicated themselves to the hard labor of providing for their families.

  • Condensed Orange and Black wool blanket lining by Pendleton® (Pendleton, OR)
  • 13.75 oz narrow loom selvedge denim (Greensboro, NC)
  • Custom quilted, silk-quilted batting in sleeves (USA)
  • Classic barn coat design with more modern fit & split back
  • All components made in USA
  • Manufactured in Los Angeles, California


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