Inspired By The Superbee: GPO’s Racing Sneaker

Grandprix Originals recently introduced the latest variant of their successful sneaker lineup, the Super Bee White. Influenced and inspired by the Dodge Super Bee, “the” affordable muscle car from the late 60’s, this racing sneaker is the perfect shoe to confess true passion to the racing sport and muscle cars form the 60’s.

It features the perfect fitting color combination of off-white, ochre and black and provides the highest possible comfort in every situation, which is connected to racing or racing sport. But of course, it is also wearable in the your everyday life, if you are looking for an suitable and good-looking sneaker.

Both are signed with an unrecognizable chequered flag at the rear and accordingly at the heel and both are designed with classy but striking lines. Distinctive eye-catchers with full leather layout. Check out these amazing racing sneakers by GPO.

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