Inspired By Straight Razor: GS1 Knife

The GS1 Knife is another handsome offering by jHO Knives. Inspired by the straight razor, this clean, sleek and robust knife can pry and slice all day long and never break.

It features a square blade design matched with an equally angular handle. This small handsome flipper is your everyday slasher, for opening mails, cutting steaks, baguette and opening chips. The GS1 includes a knife case, T6 & T8 screwdriver and extra Teflon washers. Available now in different finishes, with prices ranging from $260 to $280. watch the video below

gs1-knife-2.jpg | Image

gs1-knife-3.jpg | Image

gs1-knife-4.jpg | Image

gs1-knife-5.jpg | Image


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