Impressive Art Project: A Million Times at Changi Airport

A Million Times at Changi, commissioned by Changi Airport Group, was conceived by Humans since 1982 in 2014 and installed in January 2018 in Terminal 2. It is part of Humans since 1982’s A million Times project (2013-ongoing).

“Metaphorically speaking, we liberated the clock from its sole function of measuring and reporting the time by taking the clock hands out of their ‘administrative’ roles and turning them into dancers.” – Humans since 1982

A Million Times at Changi is one of the biggest kinetic artworks in the world. With its 7,5 m amplitude it has a ‘clock face’ that is wider than that of London’s Big Ben (7m).


Early sketches of the clock-based typeface (2008) which underlies A Million Times at Changi >


Early video collage of clock-based typeface, 2009>

00_Clock typefont 2008 (1).jpg

Collage of the first proposal of A Million Times at Changi, 2014 >


Circular proposal of A Million Times at Changi, video collage, 2015 >

world1 (1).jpg

Space-time graph visualising the artwork’s movement. Each dot represents the movement instruction sent to one clock. Clocks are spread on x and y axes, while z axis represents time. 2017 >


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