Iconic German Shaving Culture: MÜHLE

Since 1945 – Mühle – a German shaving brand based in Saxony, produces highest quality razors, shaving brushes and accessories.

Now they decided to bring the German Mühle Rasurkultur (shaving culture) to the UK. Mühle launched their website and online shop www.muehle-shaving.co.uk to make the daily fight with your beard one you are looking forward to. You will be able to order almost every Mühle product from their vast collection of products.

Mühle does not only offer the right tools to get rid of your beard, they also offer several products for your skincare, such as shaving creams and aftershave balms. Don’t hesitate to buy German-engineering and precision shaving products to make your daily shave a morning pleasure.


Report by vintagestyle.eu
Photos by Mühle