Huckberry’s wood-burned “Join or Die“ Baseball Bat

This “Join or Die” baseball bat is wood-burned or ‘tattooed’ by hand with the segmented snake first introduced by Benjamin Franklin (yes that Benjamin Franklin) and then hand-painted. This illustration has served in many rallying cries for unity and freedom over the centuries and is a central part of American lore.

Each Pillbox baseball bat is crafted in the USA and hand-painted in Winona, Minnesota. Game ready and cut from the same stuff the pros use (solid ash y’all), this bat is 34 inches long and emblazoned with the Pillbox Bat Co. mark just above the grip. Hang it on the wall or lather up the pine tar and put ‘er to use in a pickup game with the folks around your cul-de-sac.

Each individual Pillbox bat is handmade to order and requires an extended shipping window — your bat will ship directly to you between 10 and 14 days from the date you order it. Pillbox bats are excluded from international shipping, shipping promotions, and returns.


  • Cut from solid Maple – the same stuff the pros use
  • Durable varnish finish
  • Made in the USA and hand-painted in Winona, Minnesota
  • Includes one unopened Wax Pack of late 1980s baseball collecting cards


  • Wood: Solid Ash


  • 34″ long


The name “Pillbox Bat Co.” pays tribute to the old Downtown Park in St. Paul, Minnesota – a park whose small size earned it the nickname “the Pillbox,” and a reputation for ground-rule doubles for hits over the left and right field fences. Built in 1903, the Pillbox is the story of what baseball is all about. It’s the hometown sand-lot that’s just big enough to throw down a couple of mitts and a hat for bases, anoint someone all-time pitcher and strike up a game of stick-ball after work.

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