Gandini-Penned Masterpieces: Maserati Shamal (For Sale)

In many ways the Shamal could be considered the last version of the Maserati Biturbo, the first twin turbo production car ever made. But when the Maserati Design Centre went back to the drawing board they new this model needed more than a simple face-lift so they went back to the master of the 2+2, Marcello Gandini (Espada, Urraco but also Countach, Stratos and so on).

The result was 300mm shorter, 120mm wider, 60mm lower and 300 kg lighter. An incredibly muscular coupe’ that perfectly hides the two extra seats at the back, the Shamal will be the last Maserati before the Fiat era.

In order to manage the 325bhp from the 3.3l 32-valves twin turbo V8 Koni delivered a bespoke adaptive suspension system that handles the car to its top speed of almost 170mph.

The example we have on offer today is one of 7  UK supplied RHD cars ever made from a total production run of 369. Metallic Black with full black interior and a mere 44.000 miles from new. Mechanically the car performs superbly on the road having been notably maintained regardless of cost. The extrerior bodywork is in good order and retains all its original panels. Included is a competent service file, with the most recent full service conducted at Maranello, Egham.

Being one of the lowest manufactured Maseratis ever produced the Shamal is certainly a true collector piece, and would be a welcome addition to any Maserati collection.

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