Our Favorite Roadtrip Writing Gear: Kaweco Liliput Brass Pens

This awesome and noble Kaweco Liliput Brass pen has a total length of only 9.8 cm and a high-quality heart curve mechanics. This works particularly precisely and silently while using it.

The metallic body is made of high-quality aluminum and gives these writing instruments a special touch and elegance. Selected high quality materials make the model outstanding and special. The collection offers many variations from a light version made out of aluminum, a natural and individual look made out of copper and brass, to a unique from hand-blown stainless steel, which is indestructible and slightly heavier.Mines are available in black and blue as well as in the line thicknesses 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm. In addition, they provide a red 1The perfect writing gift.2 mm lead.

We took a set of these on our trip and enjoyed its superior looks and writing qualities. Kaweco Liliput Brass pens are truly our new favorites.

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Report by vintagestyle.eu
Photos by kaweco-pen.com