Our Favorite Gear For Wheels And Waves

When we made our initial plans to ride at least a part of the 1,300 km distance to the 2017 edition of the Wheels and Waves, we got in touch with our current most favorite apparel manufacturers to see if there was some nice gear lying around that could be tested.

Fortunately, John Doe and Grifter were interested to hear our opinions about their apparel.

John Doe sent over their Stroker Cargo Pants in black and the raw denim Lumberjacket. Both the jacket and the pants are designed for a specific bike use and therefore enforced with an inner layer of DuPont Kevlar. They can optionally be further enforced with protection pads for back, shoulders, elbows, knees and hip which is what we did for our 800km long journey from Paris to Biarritz.

While this may sound pretty warm and uncomfortable, it actually felt pretty cosy and very safe – maybe even comparable to a leather one-piece while much more comfortable. A great and stylish combination and definitely the right choice not only for short drives, but also for trips like ours – especially given the many pockets to use for France’s many road toll stations. We always felt well-dressed while being safe at the same time. A good feeling!

And then there was Grifter’s gloves… Man, we immediately fell in love with these when seeing them at a trade show in Berlin last year, so we were particularly curious how these would feel on a trip. The US-based company fortunately came to life thanks to the founders dissatisfaction for the build quality of existing bike gear which is why he set out to make his own in the former gloves capital of Gloversville, New York.

And we are thankful he did, because otherwise, we would not be able to wear these beautiful Bison hide gloves. The Blackout Scoundrel is Grifter’s interpretation of the classic black short wrist riding glove. It’s really no frills, just a beautifully crafted and highly-comfortable riding glove that will be our first choice for every kind of trip in the future. Five out of five stars for look and feel…

Thanks again John Doe and Grifter for this great support on an amazing ride!

Report / Photos by Sebastian Schmitz