Exclusive – The Art Of Ferrari: A German And The Prancing Horse Calendars

Shooting cars seems to be easier than ever these days – high-quality cameras and mobile phones get cheaper and better and drones provide unseen viewing angles … photography is democratized like never before, for the better or worse results.

BUT: fortunately, there is still a high demand for really good images rather than snapshots, images that can hold being looked at not just for seconds, but for hours, even days without loosing their magic. This is were the pros come in, with calendar photography probably being the highest art form of car-related photography.

And what might be more prestigious than shooting what is supposedly the most iconic car brand worldwide, Ferrari? Would you expect that this important task had been given to a German many years ago, someone who is now shooting his 34th edition of the prestigious calendar? Meet Günther Raupp, the photographer of the official Ferrari calendar – for the first time ever, Günther allowed a magazine to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of an incredible creational process…

After all these years, you can still find the glow in Günther’s eyes whenever he talks about the “prancing horse” and its automobile masterpieces – his enthusiasm and fascination for the Maranello-based brand remains unbroken: he “sees” and cherishes the cars’ personalities like only few people we have met do, which might be one of the reasons why no one else is allowed to do what he does.

Another one is definitely his exceptional style to compose his images: no studio, but strong backlight and a strong flash-equipment on-location which gives his images an almost surreal touch. Pictures should become real in someone’s head when looking at Günther’s composition… works for us!

We were stunned to see how much effort Günther, who is a studied fine art painting and history of art, and his wife Karin put into each and every detail for location, car selection and of course implementation of each image. Weeks of early mornings in renaissance cities and late nights on race tracks around the world are a regular part of the creational process and the couple works themselves through like a well-oiled watch movement, or better, a well-coordinated (Ferrari) race team.

The result speaks for itself: Günther has managed to create a small niche in the car photography business where commercial shots meet art. This can be appreciated again by Ferrari fans all over the world with the 2018-edition which will be available in September. And we are curious to see how Günther’s calendar app will even further enhance the “experience Ferrari”. Fortunately, Günther has promised us to be the first ones to have a look at the 2018 edition of the calendar, so make sure you keep an eye on our news. As a small teaser, the slideshow below shows the images of the current edition.

More information about Günther Raupp and his amazing work can be found here.

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Report by Sebastian Schmitz
Photos by Günther Raupp & SSSZphoto
Video by Andrej Ace