Everything Handcrafted: Audiowood

Audiowood makes wooden turntables, speakers, and other stereo and AV equipment. Our designs combine a high-performance modern aesthetic with natural forms.

Audiowood started in 2008 in California, and we are now proudly located in New Orleans, where we make several “standard” products as well as custom turntables and other bespoke designs.

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All of our products are sustainably produced, by hand, in the US, using domestic and European components. In addition to making our own things, Audiowood is also a retailer for some other brands of quality European and US-made audio gear, including Rega, Grado, Phoenix Engineering, and SME S2 Tonearms.

Audiowood designs have graced the pages of over 20 major international magazines and are featured in dozens of design, audiophile, and technology blogs. Captain Kirk spins our Bachelor Turntable in Paramount Pictures’ Star Trek: Into Darkness, and we are happy to have collaborated with SHFT.com, Bushmills, Cornerstone, Anthropologie, Paramount, and Kemble Interiors on various projects.

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