Driven By Aerodynamics: Ferrari F512M By Graypaul

At the Paris Salon in October of 1994, Ferrari introduced the final version of the fabulous Testarossa series – designated the F512M.

The letter “M” stood for modificata, with the vehicle featuring a modified design, a modified engine/transmission and various other internal and external modifications that truly made this rendition the “beast” of the Testarossa series.

The changes to the styling of the F512M were driven by aerodynamics and are especially evident on the front of the car. There is a new integrated nose cap with trapezoidal indicator and parking lights located above the separate round fog lights. The grill opening was slightly smaller and only provides air for the A/C condenser. The most significant change was the incorporation of the fixed “homofocal” headlights behind lexan covers. Additional design changes include the two NACA intakes, installed at the trailing edge of the front lid, for improved interior ventilation. The undertray was also modified for a smoother air flow.


More of a cosmetic change, the Testarossa-style rectangular tail lights (covered by strakes) were removed and replaced with more conventional round tail lights. The unique two-piece wheels were proprietary to this model and were designed to assist in brake cooling. Other changes were made, but it would be necessary to have examples of a 512TR and a F512M to make a direct comparison.

Although the F512M was the zenith of the Testarossa series, it enjoyed the shortest production run at less than 2 years.

The UK market received just 41 RHD vehicles, making the F512M the rarest and most collectable of all ‘Testarossa’s’.

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