Chapal’s Latest: Men’s Fashion Elegance

Jean-François Bardinon opens the way to new codes of Elegance based on
sportswear and contemporary dandy. The creator twists material, which earned him his fame, in different colours and weaves for an authentic look, resolutely modern.

As usual, leather remains the key element of this collection, whether soft or
velvet, glossy or mat. Sometimes light and fluid, sometimes fitted geometric.
CHAPAL has the audacy to mix the style without any pretention.

Lines are pure, powerful, strong and seductive: “I based myself on the original
models, image of our past, I brought coherence by marking them more in their
niches. I reviewed all the assembly lines of all our clothes to give them the necessary precision, and the correctness of the line which sometimes makes rediscover a forgotten jacket.”

Besides very marked shapes and volumes, summer nuances are invited in this wardrobe. The bright colors glitter in the glossy reflections of the leather jackets; pearl grey, golden tan, blue lagoon; the bath dyes are reinforced to obtain even more depth. This season, the highlighted print is undoubtedly the ‘camouflage’, declined in headscarf, or on jackets lining.

Density and purity characterize materials of this collection which combining the leather, the designer’s fetish material, cotton velvet, boiled wool from the Pyrenees or even changing silk.

“CHAPAL accompanies men of the XXIe century, and brings them an offbeat elegance, necessary for their identitication”. Jean-François Bardinon

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