Cary 42: two player arcade console by Love Hulten

Handcrafted from wood, this two-player arcade console inspired by attaché cases is a bigger and updated version of the former solo-gem R-Kaid-R.

Cary42 (carrier for two) lets you enjoy classic co-op games like Metal Slug, Gauntlet and Contra in first class. This briefcase folding console can store over 10.000 emulated games. Add your own favorites through USB and create a personal game library.

The console is made from solid American walnut and comes with panels in satin grey and black/white buttons, but Cary42 can be further customized if you’re into something special. Love Hultén does custom inlays as well. Why not personalize your Cary42 unit with a genuine pearl inlay on top of the lid?


(examples of genuine mother-of-pearl inlay and marquetry decor)

​Cary42 is a link between the present and the past and a tribute to the arcade. A true gaming jewel. Each unit is processed with utmost care and comes in a very limited edition of 50 units.


​External dimensions of unit when folded
5 KG​ ​

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