Breezy & Relaxed Everywhere: Allbirds’ Lounger

Soft comfort in a smart silhouette that goes with every outfit and occasion.


In the Lounger, you can’t help but feel easy, breezy, and relaxed in any situation — from red-eyes to restaurant openings. They’re breathable and lightweight, chauffeuring you through the day in sleek lines and luxurious comfort.

What the wool?

Superfine New Zealand merino wool travels to a premium Italian mill to be knitted into our very own material. Our textile uses fibers that are 20% the diameter of a human hair; so, unlike the wool you may be used to, our breathable fabric regulates temperature and moisture without any itch.

Wool Upper

  • Proprietary dual-faced textile with a soft, itch-free interior and a durable, dirt-resistant exterior
  • Cut into a single, sock-like shape for uninterrupted comfort

Padded Insole

  • Lined with our proprietary merino fabric for softness, moisture wicking, and odor reduction
  • Can be removed and washed with your shoes, or replaced when its time has come

Lightweight Sole

  • Proprietary blend of low-density foam and rubber for the lightest shoe possible
  • Expertly cushions while balancing weight and friction control

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