BMW’s Brandnew 8 Series

concept: BMW Series 8

The BMW 8-Series will combine luxury, power and dynamic in one super car. You have to be patient, because it won’t be released until 2018, but here are some impressions of what the 8-Series Concept, that has just been announced, looks like.

Back in 1989, the first 8-Series of the generation E31 was introduced to the market and shortly became one of the most popular models ever produced. About 30 years later, the iconic coupé is about to celebrate a great comeback and will have to hold it’s ground against the Mercedes S- Class Coupé.

As you can see, there will be no doubt, the new Concept isn’t be competitive in design and power. The shark-like grille in the front looks like no other car is going to be safe, standing in it’s way. From every imaginable angle, the clear and elegant lines look sleek and perfect. A high-class interior with a good compromise between race car and cruiser in great style makes the 8-Series Concept very unique. We don’t know yet which motor will be fitted in, from a V12 to a V6 twin-turbo every possible option might be possible to get the best and most efficient performance on the tarmac. But we all know, that a prototype is only a prototype. What BMW won’t change is the idea to bring this stunning model back to the market. Till then we can all enjoy these stunning pictures without camouflaged lamination.


In contrast to this possible production car, the new M8 can only be gazed at whole camouflaged. Maybe because there won’t be a big difference between the production car and the prototype or maybe it’s really just a test mule.

All in all it definitely looks less futuristic than the 8-Series-Concept, but as always, the M8 will perform perfectly with its sharper handling, its better dynamics on the race track and with even more power. BMW will introduce two outstanding performers, either as a sporty futuristic cruiser or as a pure power beast. The decision won’t be easy.


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