Authentic jeans by Blaumann

Blaumann’s desire is to produce authentic jeans in Germany, mostly using locally sourced materials of high quality and sustainability – just ‚like in the good old days.‘

In 2013, three experts and friends in the field of marketing and textiles, came together with the deliberate intention to revive the historic selvedge denim and to bring back denim manufacturing to Germany. Today, Blaumann stands for jeans that are “reminiscent to the original ones and almost carry the soul of a collector’s piece“ (Marilena Stracke, 2017). Their bestseller, made out of 15-ounce denim without a stretch element, is also incidentally their first original design, “making it a real rarity amongst its peers“ (Marilena Stracke, 2017). Blaumann jeans are available in all shapes and sizes, but all their designs stay true to their guiding principle: ‘less is always more.’ They produce entirely in Germany, using only locally produced materials from yarn to the smallest buttons and details. Their raw selvedge denim is also made using traditional and rare shuttle looms and no industrial laundering. It’s safe to say that their “jeans are a statement for honouring craftsmanship, and valuing quality over quantity“ (Marilena Stracke, 2017).

In recognition of the strength behind German manufacturing, these three Blaumann friends embraced their opportunity to create a brand with a completely open and transparent manufacturing process. They take pride in showcasing their factory to their customers – allowing them the possibility to have a look at where and how their jeans are being produced. With the Blaumann jeans brand, these three friends hope to make a dent in the 100 million pairs of jeans annually imported into Germany and manufactured under pretty dubious conditions.

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