Australia’s Incredible West Coast

Australia’s West Coast is one of the loneliest and most beautiful places on earth.

Long, endless roads, opportunities for every imaginable watersport wherever you are, beaches all along the coast – one more beautiful than the other, wild animals and the most important thing – sunshine. In contrast to the East Coast, where many young backpackers from Europe travel along after finishing school, the beaches at the West Coast are lonely, wide and ready to get discovered.

From Darwin to Perth, changing colors of water, sand and rocks will make you road-trip a very special one you’ll never forget.Wales, Dolphins, Sharks and Turtles can be easily spotted from the beach with snorkeling gear.

The only bad thing about traveling the West Coast of Australia is, that you’ll be definitely disappointed seeing “normal” beaches around the world. Here are some impressions of a trip we did in November 2016.

Report by Fabian Ebert for
Photos by Fabian Ebert