Ascari – Looking Back To Move Forward

Ascari Bicycles offers classically designed, hand-built bicycles. Founded in 2011 by designer Helio Ascari and his wife Maria Thereza, Ascari Bicycles fuses a timeless sense of fashion with an equally timeless appreciation for the hand-built bicycle.

At Ascari Bicycles we design and build our bikes. All our frames, forks and stems are made by us in the USA. By using time proven techniques and only the best materials we are able to build the finest bicycles on the planet. As with the details such as our logos and head badges, the dropout faces and serial number badges are brazed in copper and brass.

They are works of art themselves. With a jewelers touch we bring the luxury to compliment the time and passion built into each Ascari.

As the Ascari name is synonymous with Formula One auto racing, Ascari Bicycles hopes to be as synonymous with the enduring legacies of cycling and art.

Still in his childhood Helio Ascari found out his great passion: restoring antiques goods, such as clocks, phonographs and, of course, bicycles. When he was a teenager he worked at furniture and steel factories where he gained experience in handcraft work, as well as leather shoe factories where he started to develop attention to details. But it was his time working in the fashion industry that he developed his style, and where he had the opportunity to introduce a bicycle project to a fashion house that was successfully launched as part of a larger environmental project. By living in different countries and experiencing different cultures he acquired his unique taste and discovered a life style that united practicality, environmental awareness and style.

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