Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Dirty little fun car

yellow Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The first thing you notice is its size: it is even shorter and lower than you might think. A good size! And then there is the color … an amazing yellow that Alfa calls Giallo Prototipo. Not the most low-key color, but hey, who wants low-key?

Alfa emphasizes on the 4C’s close relationship to its ancestor, the iconic 33 Stradale and we immediately understand why: side air intakes, front, headlights and even the reduced interior and aircraft-derived lightweight design pay an homage to super-rare sixties-stunner that is considered by many being the most beautiful car ever built.

But the past is the past, let’s roll! Turning the keys in the very driver-oriented cockpit full of carbon-fibre, leather and premium-quality materials leaves us surprised: is this really a 1.8 litre 4-cylinder engine that growls and spits in the back? Sounds much bigger… the sound when revving / accelerating is simply fierce.

And so is the acceleration: the little engine puts out 240hp which helps – in combination with the below-1000kg kerb-weight – to propel the yellow monster 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. Top speed is 257 km/h – definitely enough for a car with a go-kart feeling much more intense than in a Mini Cooper S Works and a seating position so low you fear sitting directly on the tarmac. You could do longer distances with it as it remains surprisingly comfortable, but this car is a corner’s car: remove the roof (which can be securely stowed in the boot)  in a few steps and you are able to enjoy smells and sounds of nature.

Beware: you might speed on a regular basis, just to enjoy the orchestral sound coming from the rear. The setup mid-mounted engine +  rear-wheel drive makes the car superbly balanced and very agile in the corners. We couldn’t remember having that much fun in a car with such a small engine. Although we’d normally prefer manual drive, we even loved the six-speed double-clutch TCT-transmission which felt very direct and quick, especially when being used in the dynamic mode with further reduced shifting times. (There is also a race mode that mostly deactivates all stability aids, a natural mode and an all weather mode which is ideal for rain and snow situations.)

Our Verdict? There is no doubt, this little Alfa breathes fun and speed – it is therefore no surprise that it is built in Maserati’s Modena facilities. A perfect driver’s car for the road.

More details about the car can be found here.

Report by collectorscarworld
Photos by SSSZ-photo