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As a product designer, I strive to create products that are elegant, enjoyable and have utility. This kickstarter is about launching my new pen design into the world and taking a moment to celebrate the journey that got me here over the past 5 years of manufacturing pens under the brand Schon DSGN.

A shot of the new pen with a few of my favorite objects...
A shot of the new pen with a few of my favorite objects…

In 2012 I launched my first pen, an identical, but clip-less approach to an everyday carry pen that followed the same design qualities; Easy to use and write with, durable, leak proof and unobtrusive when not in use. Though I and many customers are still in love with the Classic Pen Collection, I was collecting feedback that many customers wanted a version of this pen with a clip.

In "action"
In “action”

At first I designed several clip versions that were add-ons to my classic pen design and through that exercise and multiple iterations, I began simplifying the design by removing unnecessary details in order to hit a reasonable price point.

After this exercise it became clear that the best solution was to create caps that had integrated clips. With more prototyping I found a sweet spot between simplicity and utility which came together as the The Clip Collection by Schon DSGN, represented by this kickstarter. I am launching this collection in Polished Aluminum, Anodized Black Aluminum, and Polished Stainless steel.

Product Details-

The cap conceals the front of the pen and unscrews to post on the back, transforming the 4″ long 1/2″ diameter pen into a comfortable length of 5-3/4″. The writing portion of the pen is .350″ diameter for a comfortable grip. The clip is made from stainless steel and is robust yet not too thick. The length of the clip is optimized for a visually balanced look while also being able to hold a 1″ length of material inside of it.

Easy to use and write with, just like the classic Schon DSGN pen collection
Easy to use and write with, just like the classic Schon DSGN pen collection


Snapshot of the aluminum clip pen
Snapshot of the aluminum clip pen

The cap uses two T-6 torx screws that hold the stainless steel clip in place.

By the time this kickstarter is over, this gif will have installed clips onto all the kickstarter pens...
By the time this kickstarter is over, this gif will have installed clips onto all the kickstarter pens…

A brass set screw holds the ink in place and is removed from the back of the pen to replace an ink cartridge.

Listening to the feedback of customers who have been asking me to make a screwdriver for my pens, I decided to investigate incorporating the “screwdriver” feature into the clip itself. I modified the final bend on the end of the clip so that it sticks out just enough to be able to remove the set screw from the back of the pen.

Nifty huh?
Nifty huh?

The pens use Fisher Space pen PR4-Fine ink (yes it writes upside-down). Using this refill allows me to keep the design very compact. I am currently in Beta production of an adapter that will allow all Schon DSGN pens to fit D1 sized cartridges in gel, needlepoint or even the lauded Hi Tec C Slim Refill. I know… pretty exciting.

Materials and Finishes-

As mentioned before, the pens in this kickstarter come in Polished Aluminum, Polished Stainless Steel and Black Anodized Aluminum. Many have asked “what is the difference between the stainless and aluminum pens?’ The stainless steel pens have a ‘unique’ amount of heft to them – almost triple the weight of the aluminum pen. I love the feel of a heavy pen, but if you do lots of writing or want to put your pen in a front shirt pocket, I would recommend the aluminum pens. The stainless pen has a slightly darker finish than the aluminum pen featured in the photography above.

The polished aluminum and stainless pens are hand polished raw finishes, without any coating or plating. These pens wear in nicely over time and I would encourage you to embrace the wearing of the pen as it picks up its first scratches and nicks. The resulting patina months into carrying these raw material pens is really awesome!

Note: Black anodized Aluminum will look like the Classic Schon DSGN black anodized pen. No pictures of those yet… still waiting on parts back from Anodizing! Check the project updates soon for more photos.

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