Personal Submarine: C-Researcher 3-1100

Dive anywhere in the world to 1,100 meters (3600 ft) with the C-Researcher 3 – 1100.

This superb submersible is perfect for private use as well as science and exploration alike. Equip your submarine with options such as manipulator arms or underwater cameras for research, or to document the wonders that are hidden at these depths. As with all C-Researcher submersibles, the unimpeded view through the spacious acrylic sphere is without peer.

Thanks to its compact Pressure-Tolerant Battery System, the company’s line of research submarines has more than twice the capacity compared with that of any other private submarine. This is a very important feature for deep diving, just like the strategically placed vertical thrusters and a CFD-optimised design. As a result of these features descending to and ascending from a depth of 1,100 meters requires minimal time.

The four vectored horizontal thrusters also generate lateral thrust, making it possible to move efficiently sideways with the C-Researchers. The freedom in manoeuvrability is very useful for precision-work that demands great accuracy in positioning the submarine in its 3D environment.

The C-Researcher 3 – 1100 utilizes our automatic trim weight system, which maintains a fully horizontal trim of the submersible even when carrying varying equipment configurations or manipulating objects on the sea floor.

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