Look Exceptional Everywhere: Rivay

For years, former New York City prosecutor Jon Ruti lived to escape the office and chase his passions. Vintage cars and motorcycles, collecting timepieces, mountaineering, traveling the world, surfing and cycling with friends.  Each brought balance to a demanding career.

The planning, anticipation and pursuit of a passion is restorative.  Mind and body return to work invigorated, rejuvenated and better equipped to handle stress.  After realizing that these and other passions shared a common spirit – the escape from profession to restore balance – Rivay’s founder left the law to create a brand that understood and embodied this spirit.

Founded in 2014, Rivay’s aesthetic is guided by the defining qualities found in our passions: Timeless, purposeful design, exceptional materials and meticulous construction.  Designed in New York City and manufactured in North America, Rivay partners with the finest factories and mills in the world.

No matter where your passion takes you, Rivay was born to look exceptional to and from your journey.

Welcome to Rivay, welcome to your time away.

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